About Us

Thank you for your interest in SmileLABS We’re revolutionising the teeth whitening business!

Our treatment painlessly delivers the most effective teeth whitening for less than, up to a, third of the price professional dentist’s charge. It’s flexible, scientifically proven and already a major player in 20 countries around the world.

Our combination of LED lights, 6% hydrogen peroxide gel and patented Applia Brush™ Paint-On Technique is unique and provides painless and powerful teeth whitening that is non invasive, non burning and delivers instant results. Indeed, Smile Labs is so good that Australian and American dentists are increasingly installing it themselves. 

The Revolutionary New Tooth Whitening Process!

We use 6% hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient in our whitening gel, as mandated by the Federal Government but over the years the couple who created SmileLABS has put substantial amounts of capital into research and development such that the gel gives incredible results, there is no damage to dentine, enamel and teeth, you do not have to purchase any expensive creams and gels in terms of aftercare- all you have to do is drink water for 1.5 hours sand then for the following 24 avoid staining foods and beverages; the results can be seen upon completion of the whitening and it is painless because we do not use such high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide as the dentists do. In fact SmileLABS is such an incredible product many dentists continually recommend their patients to us!

Whitening Options

The beauty of in-chair whitening is that it is all done in the one sitting, there is no coming back and forth as people are time poor!

Single Session

15 minute running time - single whitening

Double Session

2x 15 minute sessions in one sitting

Triple Session

3x 15 minute sessions in one sitting - total time is 1 hour

Quad Session

4x 15 minute sessions in one sitting - total time is 1 and 15 minutes

The Infinity Pro Light

Professional teeth whitening is best performed with light technology. Smile Labs uses the Infinity™ Pro SL Whitening Accelerator Light, which offers unparalleled results. Light technology is referred to as photo-polymerization and was first approved by the FDA for teeth whitening in 1996. The Infinity™ Pro SL is a LED lamp that uses a cold blue light tuned to a wavelength of 480-500 nanometers.

The light technology system works by accelerating the chemical reaction, rapidly speeding up the treatment time. During a treatment, the accelerator light is placed directly in front of the customer’s open mouth for 15 minutes. The Infinity™ Pro SL uses the perfect wavelength of light, and is designed to accelerate the whitening process of our teeth whitening gel.

About Smile Labs - Teeth Whitening Treatment
About Smile Labs - Teeth Whitening Treatment